If everyone in the insurance industry is (at best…) a Fast Follower, then how can there come to be a new idea in insurance from which to follow quickly?

Can recent regulatory changes highlighting the importance of distribution conduct change the role insurance plays in the psyche of the average Boomer, for the better?

Can the SECURE Act income translation statement provisions increase insurance principle mindshare at earlier ages, increasing the likelihood of ultimate success in DC plans for insurers? If so, which organizations will be the winners? Will it be the Fast Followers, or the Leaders?

FIS invites inquiries from Leaders.

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September 10, 2020

Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC. is interested in exploring 5 program constructs which span the Institutional annuity/managed account, RILA/LTC combo, retail life in investment advice, and other Institutional risk pooling arenas. Information regarding the envisioned programs was communicated by email on above referenced date. Future such emails to be confidentially distributed to retained clients on a monthly basis.

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In exploring either the program ideas offered by FIS, or those for which your organization seeks advice, services we offer include:

  1. Facilitate initial internal evaluation among relevant constituencies
  2. Advise on external competitive conditions, and help connect the organization with envisioned relevant stakeholders in the new program design
  3. Business plan creation
  4. Launch plan creation
  5. Execution support of launch plan, potentially both internal and external to the organization
  6. Distribution strategy mapping
  7. Public advocacy (including platform communication, while excluding wholesaling)
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Service Costs


Most Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC. client relationships are initiated on a retainer basis.

Retained clients of Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC. (FIS) receive the following benefits:

  1. Monthly email highlighting FIS’s view on developing retail and institutional insurance industry product and program development trends.
  2. Assistance connecting with like-minded or complementary organizations for the initiatives on which FIS is informed that your organization is seeking help.
  3. Discounted rates on project packages.
  4. Up to 5 hours annually of consulting support included in the base rate.

FIS’s potential client retention process begins with the scheduling of a free, and mandatory, one hour introductory meeting to discuss the potential client’s objectives, as well as FIS’s services.

In the event there is a match determined in this call, retainer packages are offered at a cost of $750 billed quarterly, for an annual rate of $3000.

Hourly Advice Rate Schedule:

$500/hour, single hour

$450/hour, 1-10 hour packages paid in 2020

$400/hour, 10-40 hour packages paid in 2020

$350/hour, 40+ hour packages paid in 2020

-$50/hour discount on all packages offered to clients on retainer

Project rates are quoted based on number of hours of estimated effort, with terms negotiated on a bespoke basis, based on rates quoted above.

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Insurance advice is a real thing.

Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC. invites inquiries from organizations that share this view.

Michelle Richter, MBA

Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC.

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