Fiduciary insurance services

FIS Service Pricing

Project rates are quoted based on number of hours of estimated effort, with terms negotiated on a bespoke basis, based on rates below. Retainer clients receive a $50/hr discount on quoted rates. Rates quoted are for strategic advice and 3(21) investment advice. Additional costs apply to the delivery of 3(38) advice.

Single Hour


1-10 hour packages paid in 2021


10-40 hour packages paid in 2021


40+ hour packages paid in 2021


Collaborative Program Development

$250/hour, or further reduced hourly rate + larger flat annual fee, bespoke quotes

FIS Services

Why FIS is The Right Choice For You!

If everyone in the insurance industry is (at best…) a Fast Follower, then how can there come to be a new idea in insurance from which to follow quickly?

Can recent regulatory changes highlighting the importance of distribution conduct change the role insurance plays in the psyche of the average Boomer, for the better?

Can the SECURE Act income translation statement provisions increase insurance principle mindshare at earlier ages, increasing the likelihood of ultimate success in DC plans for insurers? If so, which organizations will be the winners? Will it be the Fast Followers, or the Leaders?

FIS invites inquiries from Leaders.