Fiduciary Org Proposal

FIS has recently received inbound inquiries from certain insurers and distribution organizations regarding whether or not there are others interested in forming (whether independently, or as an additional branch under the auspices of an already existing industry organization) an industry organization dedicated to resolving some of the broad challenges to retail insurance/RIA connectivity (across many categories, potentially including but not limited to: educational initiatives, interpreting regulatory/compliance questions, billing, product development needs, standardized technology integration, paperwork and process automation, and such) that affect a swath of both issuers and distributors. Some of these challenges may be larger than what can be resolved by a singular company- at the same time, no singular industry member desires to make the investments that clarify these questions for the benefit of non-contributing entities. A brief description of how such an organization could
work is available here. If your organization is interested in exploring these questions further, please email, subject line “RIA/Insurance Connectivity”.