Insurance Innovation: Not an Oxymoron

Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC. is founded on the belief that the future of holistic financial advice in the United States should consider risk-pooled products, offered by insurance companies, within institutionally-sponsored wealth management paradigms.

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Michelle Richter, MBA

Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC.

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    Advising On The Creation Of Wealth Management Programs

    Fiduciary Insurance Services, LLC believes that a Fiduciary Gestalt Shift in how consumers, regulators, technologists, financial institutions, insurers, investment advisers, registered representatives, agents, financial planners, and retirement plan advisers – to name just a few – view the role of risk control is impending.

    With the Boomer generation now retiring and decumulating, instead of net accumulating, investable assets, the financial services landscape is changing.

    FIS also believes that responsibly distributed insurance can be a really good thing in a really unstable world.

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